Steve Daut Storytelling


Learn more about Steve in this informal interview.


Steve has been telling stories ever since the dog first ate his homework. During his early years in Iowa, he told stories about imaginary aunts, lovelorn people seeking advice, and legendary pets. Growing up on the Mississippi River, he loved Mark Twain stories, and today his Telling Twain book, program, and podcast reflect that early love. His stories took the form of magic acts for many years, then playwrighting, acting and directing, sketch and standup comedy, and improv. In the spoken word form we call "storytelling", he has found a true home. He fuses all of this breadth of experience together to provide storytelling programs full of humor, heart, and just perhaps - a bit of magic.

Steve has honed these skills, not only through experience, but also training in various aspects of stage performance. Steve is a graduate of numerous performance-based programs, including The Second City, the Purple Rose Theatre, Chili's Comedy Dojo, as well as various storytelling workshops and master classes.


  • WEMU Public Radio
  • The Ark, Ann Arbor
  • Plays produced in "Play-by-Play" and other venues
  • Telling Twain programs at various venues
  • Chennai, India Storytelling Festival
  • Tellabration!
  • Northlands Confabulation!
  • Northeast Storytellers, Sharing the Fire
  • Snapshots storytelling series
  • Producer, Living Room LIVE!
  • Co-producer, Story Night

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